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Tab for Greenville Trestle High

Full Verse Breaks and Chorus Breaks in both Open G position and D position for Doc Watson's classic Greenville Trestle High. Tom Adams has tabbed out the banjo breaks in different Keys so that you can either play along with the original Doc Watson recording or you can play the song in the Key of G, using the familiar Open G Tuning (gDGBD). Based on Doc's recording of Greenville Trestle High on the album "Riding The Midnight Train" and played at 93 bpm. Includes the lyrics so you can follow along and match where you are in your banjo solo with the words to the song as sung by Doc Watson. By playing these tabs and using a capo, you can place this song in any Key required by the singer in your group or jam!

New This Week

Tab for Your Love Is Like a Flower

What's more fun than getting to play a break on a driving, traditional bluegrass vocal number? Getting to take two breaks, of course! It's always exciting to kick off a song with your banjo knowing that you'll also be taking the final instrumental break, adding a little more flash to that second solo. Two legendary players, Earl Scruggs and J.D. Crowe, provide excellent examples of solid, straight-to-the-point breaks for Your Love Is Like a Flower. This is a popular, basic 3-chord song perfect for jamming at any tempo. Played in G Tuning in the Key of G, you can use a capo to also play these breaks in A, Bb, and B.

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Tom Adams Model 5-String Banjo by Davis Banjo & Inlay

  Select Mahogany neck with modified Wreath pattern
  Memphis Belle Flat Head Tone Ring; 3-Ply Canadian Maple rim
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Tom Adams Model

Banjo Tab Books

  Right Hand Man: 10 traditional tunes
  Adams County Banjo: includes 7 Tom Adams originals.
  Also tab books: Tom with Rhonda Vincent, Audie Blaylock

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  Bluegrass: Rocky Top, Blue Moon of Kentucky, more
  Classic Country: Last Date, Buckaroo
  Rock: Carolina In My Mind, Listen to the Music

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  Gigs with Linda Lay; Tom on banjo
  Banjo camps and workshops
  Gigs with Bill Emerson; Tom on guitar

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  Classic Scruggs: Cripple Creek and Foggy Mountain Breakdown

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Springfield Exit CD: That Was Then

  First full album with Tom Adams on banjo since 2004
  Powerful vocals from Linda and David Lay
  Classic JMB rhythm section w/David McLaughlin and Marshall Wilborn

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Tom Adams CD: Adams County Banjo

  Available again from Rounder Records at
  Autographed by Tom
  15 Tunes including 7 Tom Adams originals

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Born in Gettysburg PA, Tom began playing the banjo at age ten. First gaining national recognition as the banjo player for Jimmy Martin & the Sunny Mountain Boys, Tom now plays banjo with Linda Lay and guitar with Bill Emerson.

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Starting in 1974 with The Adams Brothers Show, here's a listing of albums and CD compilations that feature Tom.

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