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01 No One Knows

02 Lonesome Wind

03 That Was Then and This Is Now

04 Still My Thoughts Go Back to You

05 Don't We All Have the Right

06 You Ain't Goin' Nowhere

07 Listen to Me Mother

08 Peaceful Easy Feeling

09 Till the Rivers All Run Dry

10 Elkhorn Ridge

11 George Cunningham

12 Bad Reputation

13 Some Old Day

14 I've Endured

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Banjo Camp North, May 16-18, Charlton MA

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Here Comes The Sun   posted 06/02/2014 HTML5 Audio

Tom Adams Banjo - Tom Adams
Tom Adams - banjo, guitars, bass, etc.
Banjo tab arrangement based on the
original recording by The Beatles on Abbey Road

Individual Banjo Tabs Now Available

The first 38 tunes are listed here on the Banjo Tab page.

Free Banjo Tab: Ocean of Diamonds

High Five

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Tom's inspirational banjo practice time poster "How's It Sound?" can be printed at home on your choice of 8 1/2" x 11" paper and posted conspicuously in your designated practice area. No matter what tune you're playing or how long you've been a banjo player, you'll want to look to this poster for inspiration each and every day. Great for use with a metronome and when practicing rolls. Always in style, "How's It Sound?" is the question that you can answer every time. Perfect for giving yourself a pop quiz when you least expect it, "How's It Sound?" is suitable for framing. Makes a great gift!  Use Landscape printing mode for maximum effect.

New on the Custom Video Lesson Page:  Down To The River To Pray


Based on the original recording by composer Jay Ungar from the PBS television series The Civil War by documentary filmmaker Ken Burns

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Banjo Students Blog


Have You Practiced Tuning Your Banjo?

With all of the emphasis on practicing right-hand rolls and left-hand pull-offs, it's easy to overlook a key factor in whether your playing sounds good or not: Playing In Tune. Playing in tune is so basic that there's often little more attention paid to it than being told "get an electronic tuner". [continued]

Local Students

Are you local and looking for lessons in the Adams County, PA area?

Private Lessons with Tom at Lake Meade


Foggy Mountain Breakdown
Based on the 1949 recording by Lester Flatt, Earl Scruggs & the Foggy Mountain Boys, here's a down-the-neck break that has all of the key ingredients of the Flatt & Scruggs original. Tune your banjo up a fret to match the old Mercury record:

Banjo Tab: Foggy Mountain Breakdown

Bugle Call Rag
This video demonstrates three breaks plus the ending to Bugle Call Rag from the 1960 album "Foggy Mountain Banjo" by Lester Flatt, Earl Scruggs & the Foggy Mountain Boys. Includes the unique lick that starts the tune's 3rd break:

Banjo Tab: Bugle Call Rag

Cripple Creek
Based on the classic 1960 recording on the album "Foggy Mountain Banjo" by Lester Flatt, Earl Scruggs & the Foggy Mountain Boys, here's the intro, ending, and first break for Cripple Creek. Tune up to match the pitch of the original Columbia recording and get your bass player to play the bass line like Jake Tullock!

Banjo Tab: Cripple Creek

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I've Endured
Banjo Tab for Bill Runkle's breaks on "I've Endured" on the 1975 Del McCoury album.

New Banjo Tab

Amazing Grace
Clinch Mountain Backstep
just added to the Banjo Tab store

Tom Adams and fellow Pennsylvania banjo picker Jeff Bell with their 1981 Gold Star banjos. Tom's playing a GF-100 model while Jeff's is a Crowe model (#48). 10/25/14

New recording features a fiddle and banjo duet by Michael Cleveland and Tom Adams.

The Patuxent Banjo Project 2-CD set

Sally Ann down-the-neck video lesson available now in the Digital Store
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Banjo Legends: An Interview with Tom Adams

Tom Adams picks the banjo up↑

New recording by Springfield Exit featuring Tom Adams on banjo is in the works.

Tom Adams and Russ Carson with their Gold Star GF-100W banjos at the Gettysburg Bluegrass Festival. 8/16/13


September 27, 2013 - Congratulations, Tom Adams, on receiving the 2013 IBMA award for Instrumental Recorded Performance of the Year for Foggy Mountain Rock, presented last evening at the 24th International Bluegrass Music Awards in Raleigh, NC.

The award-winning track features Tom playing his 1981 Gold Star banjo with Dan Tyminski - mandolin, Ron Stewart - fiddle, Dennis Crouch - bass, Clay Hess - guitar, and Randy Kohrs - dobro. The album Foggy Mountain Special: A Bluegrass Tribute to Earl Scruggs was released by Rounder Records in June 2012.




Up-The-Neck Banjo Tab PDFs from the YouTube BanjoThink Channel


Earl Scruggs Special Edition:
Cripple Creek
Bugle Call Rag
Foggy Mountain Breakdown


Born With A Hammer In My Hand
Blue Highway

Bluegrass Express
Rhonda Vincent

It Rains Everywhere I Go
Lynn Morris


Whose Shoulder Will You Cry On
Rocky Top in C position
Unwanted Love
Johnson Mountain Boys


We Can't Be Darlings Anymore
Down In The Valley
Worried Man Blues


Little Cabin Home On The Hill
Box Elder Beetles
Up-The-Neck Scruggs Licks:
High G Lick
High C Lick
Descending Lick (Earl's Breakdown)
Foggy Mountain Special (break)


My Rose Of Old Kentucky
Before I Met You
Love Please Come Home
Old Home Place


Blue Ridge Cabin Home
Walt's Breakdown
continued from BNL


Jesse James (break - D position)
Jesse James (backup - D position)


Harry Potter music
Way Downtown
Your Cheatin' Heart
I Saw The Light


Down The Road
Little Darlin', Pal Of Mine

Chips & Salsa

You'll find Tom's new instrumental on Wayne Taylor's CD "It's About Time".

Chips & Salsa

Chips & Salsa features
Wayne Taylor - bass
Ron Stewart - fiddle
Jesse Brock - mandolin
Tom Adams - guitar

High Five

Links to videos for Tom's column in Banjo Newsletter.

High Five

June 2015
Down Yonder

Coming in July: Careless Love played in G